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Geboren en Getogen in Europa (2019)

In 'Born and Raised in Europe' 3 Dutch youngsters give there views on the European Union. The pro-European vision of the party leader of VOLT: Reinier van Lanschot.
Opposed to Patrick Vermeulen, who is in favor of leaving the EU by a Nexit. And Sebastiaan Wolswinkel of the party for the Animals. This film was made in the run-up to the European elections in May 2019.

Production & edit: Wijnand Slurink
Camera: Niels Ursem
Sounddesign: Max Oostveen
Grading: Goos van den Berg
Design: Jikke Lesterhuis
Advice: Jan Ketelaars & Amy Janna
Englisch Subs: Olga Głatki

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