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In Search of Better Days (2017)

‘In Search of Better Days’ tells the story of a young generation from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Twenty years after the war the future still isn’t that bright for them. They struggle with unemployment and the lack of study opportunities. The country is poisoned by corruption and nationalism but no one seems to have the solution for these problems. Should they stay or leave, to another country where there are more opportunities?

Director/producer/edit: Wijnand Slurink

Camera: Niels Ursem

Music: Rogier Harkema

Instrumental: Joppe Conradi - Nathan Bonkerk

Sounddesign en mixage: Max Oostveen - Jorian van der Werf Foley: Stijn Gertzen

Colorgrading: Goos van den Berg

Poster: Tom Elswijk

Advice: Jan Ketelaars

Translation Bosnian parts: Ćerimović - Esmir Mujkic

English subs: Neven Curlin

Bosnia subs: Sarajevo Film Festival - Asja Hafner

InSearchOfBetterDays_Poster_07 klein.jpg
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